This is our story:

Brass, Aye? is an eclectic community brass band based in Glasgow

We first started out in February 2012 with a small group of twelve people. Our purpose was to give adult learners a supportive place to connect and play music together.

Our music and make-up have evolved over the years, with fostering growth and creating joy at the heart of what we do. But like our music, our penchant for gold and shiny has evolved too. Once donned with a single golden t-shirt, we're now often found gilded head to toe. All complemented by bringing maximum funk + party wherever we go.

Nine years on since we came into being, we have become a community of over thirty people coming together from all walks of life to share our music. Wherever you see us you can expect to hear everything from saxophone and trumpet to drums and tuba.

Oh, and we'll be wearing gold. Did we mention that already?